Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Web of Science database upgrade: new metrics and open access enhancements

A new upgrade of the Web of Science database was released in the last couple of days. Features include improved data access and improved user experience and personalization. Read on to find out more. Remember to link to the database via DIT Library.

Discover More Open Access

Web of Science users will now be able to discover millions more open access articles amongst the content they already search every day—and they can be confident that they are discovering links to the final, trusted version of an article, from the journals that meet our high editorial standards for Web of Science Core Collection, our specialized index collections and those of our regional partners.

Web of Science is the world’s first research platform to implement this OA discovery technology, resulting from our partnership with Impactstory.You will see a new filter for Gold (plus Gold Hybrid), Green Published, and Green Accepted OA:

Open Access

(Note: Number of open access records available will depend on your institutional Web of Science collection entitlements)

Simpler Navigation – Helping you get what's most important to you more quickly

We’ve redesigned your view of search results sorting options—making them easier to access. Sort now with a single click, by: Date, Times Cited, Usage Count, and Relevance… or click the drop down to reveal all available options.

Simpler Navigation

Key Metrics at a glance: Better visibility of the Citation Network within the full record

A newly redesigned full record view presents a clean and easy-to-read view of an article’s Citation Network and Usage Counts.
Easily see newly added content that cites the current content with the Times Cited link, and the research that influenced the current article with the Cited References link.

Citation Network

Better visibility into what research is of most interest to users of the Web of Science

An updated look of the article-level widget will now show you how users of the Web of Science globally are interacting with an article. If a Web of Science user anywhere in the world has clicked through to access the full text of the publication, downloaded the article data to EndNote or other bibliographic software, or saved the data to a file, it registers as a use. This is a great way to find relevant, useful articles that may have fewer citations because they’re simply new or may be in fields of research that have lower citation counts overall.

Use in Web of Science

Web of Science now indexes Early Access articles

Web of Science is now working with publishers to index Early Access publications – these are final, accepted versions of articles that have a static DOI and online publication date, but do not yet have final volume, issue or page numbers. They will be given an "Early Access" document type in the Web of Science Core Collection, which will allow you to search, filter, and easily identify these articles as early access.

You will be able to now receive Web of Science Core Collection search alerts daily in addition to weekly or monthly – save your search and have the results emailed to your Inbox.

For more details see the Clarivate LibGuide. For a printable summary click here

Monday, 4 December 2017

Accessing past papers for the December exams #exampapers

 Need to access the online past papers to prep for the winter exams? Here's how:

  1. Start at the DIT Library website. In the E-Resources section click on Exam Papers.
  2. Select the purple Exam Papers 2001 to date link
  3. Choose the College of Sciences and Health from the list
  4. Click on the year(s) you require
  5. Select your course code e.g. DT204 and then your module code. Save/open the pdf files.
If you need to access the past papers from outside the DIT network you will need the Student Intranet passwords. Contact us at 01-4024894 or at kst.library@dit.ie if required.

Please note DIT Library scans and indexes every exam paper received from the DIT Kevin St Examinations office. If a module paper is not on the list please contact your module coordinator.

To print or copy past exam papers see the Datapac print service.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Engineering resources for postgrad students

If you're a new engineering postgraduate student have a look at the library resources in your subject area. Click on the subject to get started:

Renewable Energy Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering 



See also the Getting Started in the Library Guides for information on literature reviews and accessing online dissertations. Any problems or queries just ask us: